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MathFax  -  Math Tutoring by Fax-  


 Takao UEDA

Do you want to receive tutoring from a professional mathematician?

I am not only a research mathematician in my field, but also an experienced

PROBLEM SOLVER that covers all subjects in high school and most of

undergraduate mathematics:


Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics,

Operations Research, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations,

Differential Geometry, Abstract Algebra, Topology, Complex Analysis, etc.


Fax any math problems to (718) 779- 4846. Or e-mail me at

I will immediately send you step-by-step solutions, unless the problems are extremely hard.


Levels:  High school to College.

Fees:  From $1 per simple question  (simple questions include SAT I, II, GRE, etc.).

Payment methods:  Checks, money orders, PayPal.


I use the following software upon request or if necessary.


Programming:  QBasic, C++.

Math system: Maple.

Graphing:  GNUplot.

Drawing:  Xfig. 

Writing:  WordPerfect, MS Word, LaTex.



Mathematical Works by Takao Ueda


General educational mathematics:


[1]  Trialogue on mathematics.  2001.


Statistical decision and game theory:

[2]  The continuity of a critical point set with applications to some decision problems.  SIAM J. Appl. Math. 21 (1971), 145-154.

Combinatorial algorithm:

[3]  Gray codes for necklaces. Discrete Math 219 (2000) 235-248.

Boolean and threshold transformations:

[4]  An enhanced Arimoto theorem on threshold transformations. Graphs and Combinatorics17 (2001), 343-351.

[5]  Reflectiveness and compression of threshold transformations. Discrete Applied Math 107 (2000) 215-224.


[6]  Graphs of non-singular threshold transformations.  Discrete Math. 128 (1994), 349-359.


[7]  Circular non-singular threshold transformations.  Discrete Math. 105 (1992), 249-258.  


[8]  On the fixing group for a totally pre-ordered Boolean function.  Discrete Math. 26 (1979), 293-295.


[9]  The fixing groups for the 2-asummable Boolean functions.  Discrete Math. 20 (1977), 77-82.

Neural networks:

.[10]  Threshold transformations and dynamical systems of neural networks- A combinatorial approach, 3rd edition., . 2002.