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Takao Ueda's Mathematical Pages

Here You will find two sets of mathematical articles. The first one is on threshold transformations and dynamical systems of neural networks in a framework of discrete and combinatorial mathematics.

A new article is:

The following is a comprehensive seminar note. It consists of 11 LaTex files and contains my research works as well as important prior results.

Use a free plug-in, Techexplorer to view them with a browser.   In general, you can view and print these .latex files, if you have a LaTeX implementation on your OS.  In particular, most Linux distributions include one, teTex, and you can use latex and xdvi. If you want read the .pdf files, visit

The second set of articles is for general audiences and focused on the how-to-solve-it aspect of mathematics. I am writing these articles one by one.  Some of them are combinations of LaTex and gif files, so that you will need Techexplorer for viewing.

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